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arwH & J Stammel & Jim Griffin's Travels
  » Europa - 13.May - 30.July 2006

NEWS: 6.August 2006
.... We have been back in our offices for some time now
..... see the Photo Gallery for some images we have taken - sorry it's been a long time coming with our work load etc :-)
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The other website content was updated when possible until 30.July
Please enjoy this record of our travels .....


The whole journey was divided into stages to make planning (and presentation on this website) easier. To find out details of places etc see the Stages Overview or click on the links for individual stages.
Each Stage section will eventually have our "reports" - generally / hopefully uploaded from locations where we are able to gain internet access (and feel we have the time and inclanation) on our journey for our friends to follow. The map at the bottom of this page will also be updated as often as possible :-)
Photographs taken during the stages of sites, experiences (and even food :-) will (maybe?) also be uploaded as we go if and when time allows :-)

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Final Route Map
----- planned route & ----- final route updated as travelled
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[ map last updated: 19. July 2006 ]
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